Thatched Barn Renovation

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Reclaimed Cotswold Yellows (Flags)

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Green Oak Garage in Broadway

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Designs for Oak Garages

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Oak Garage Door

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What is Arts and Crafts?

The Arts and Crafts Movement: Those involved in the Arts and Crafts Movement, promoted simple items (furniture, ornaments etc...) manufactured through good craft techniques. It was a rebellion against the age of mass production. A return to traditional craft methods and ‘romantic’ forms of decoration. Products were to be manufactured by individuals or small groups [...]

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Vernacular Oak Door

Excellent building work by Robert Wood here. The huge quoin to the left is a wonderful piece of work by the original builder and is great to see.  Traditionally these cottages would have been completely plastered internally. New 5" oak floor joists with stop chamfer detail fit in to Elm beam. Interestingly most of the [...]

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Oak Framed Garden Room to Listed Cottage

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Section Through London Townhouse

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New Staircase for Listed Building.

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