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Oak Colouring Guide

These Swatches of oak are from Gateway Antiques of Burford and illustrate the colouring options available for their bespoke furniture ranges.

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Reclaimed Elm Floorboards

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Reclaimed Cotswold Yellows (Flags)

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Vernacular Oak Door

Excellent building work by Robert Wood here. The huge quoin to the left is a wonderful piece of work by the original builder and is great to see.  Traditionally these cottages would have been completely plastered internally. New 5" oak floor joists with stop chamfer detail fit in to Elm beam. Interestingly most of the [...]

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New Staircase for Listed Building.

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Restaurant Concept Design

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Raking out a Cotswold Stone Wall

This gable wall is made from well course good quality stone. We peck or rake out the ancient lime mortar and replace with a 1:2:6 mix of cement, lime, sand.

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