Plastering Listed Cottage

Superb plastering by Paul Passmore and his crew. Very tricky and intricate roof lines and junctions with Oak requires attention to detail.

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RIBA Certification

I first studied Building at Oxford Brookes University before transferring to Architecture in 1994.  Following the BA in Architecture I undertook a double diploma in both Architecture and Low Energy Building Design. I am therefore both a qualified Architect and Low Energy Building designer. I completed my architectural studies at the University of North London [...]

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What is Arts and Crafts?

The Arts and Crafts Movement: Those involved in the Arts and Crafts Movement, promoted simple items (furniture, ornaments etc...) manufactured through good craft techniques. It was a rebellion against the age of mass production. A return to traditional craft methods and ‘romantic’ forms of decoration. Products were to be manufactured by individuals or small groups [...]

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Section Through London Townhouse

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Landscape Design

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Extension to listed cottage.

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New house


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Completed 2 bay garage and store

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Completed garden in Kensington and Chelsea.

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Vernacular design for 3 cottages in West End Witney.

Natural stone with timber weatherboarding, under a steeply pitched roof with a gable this delicate scheme takes a listed store room with a flat pitched metal roof and creates a charming group of small cottages.                 Under construction.  

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